Hello world!

OK, I’ve decided to put the site back up. There will be a delay while this happens. Apologies for that. Blame the bastard that somehow compromised the old one.

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Paul Haley says:

    Hi Steve,
    I wondered what happened when I found the site had disappeared a few weeks ago. I thought perhaps you had decided to not renew.
    How could we all survive without the regular or irregular views of Barryboy, Trout, and various others who have stuck by the site for many years? A community of people who all share a passion for the Town of Barry, who whilst might have differing views, all have the common bond of wanting to see their Town be what it could be, to punch up to and above its weight… largest Town in Wales don’t forget!!
    So, I do hope we can all reunite on your message board and keep the flag flying for those who wish to outpour their hot air, be sensible, be anarchic, be confused, and look forward to the “new” Barry Wales board soon.
    Best wishes to you Steve for having run this site for probably around 10 years with little reward, other than the satisfaction that the BBC’s Grumpy Old Men series was probably based on all our discussions!!!

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